"Instant" orthodontics (accelerated orthodontics or progressive orthodontics) is more an application of cosmetic dentistry that of traditional orthodontics.

Through the use of porcelain veneers, a patient enjoys white, straight teeth within two to three visits and without the orthodontic treatment of metal braces.

Veneers are fine shells of porcelain (or ceramic composite) that are placed on the front surfaced of buffed down teeth. Veneers permit the cosmetic dentist to alter the length, width, color and contour of a patient's teeth.

Once a cosmetic dentist decides veneers are right for a patient, an impression is made of the existing teeth. The impression is then sent to a lab where it will be made into a wax model. From the wax up, the dentist prepares the patient's teeth and fits on a temporary dentition structure. When the porcelain veneers are complete, the temporaries can be removed by the cosmetic dentist and replaced with veneers.

Contact your dentist, cosmetic dentist or orthodontist to find out if this form of progressive "braces" is right for you.